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Constitution and Bylaws

The Utah State Democratic Party’s Constitution and Bylaws (PDF) are the governing documents for the party. For additional information regarding these documents, please call our office at (801)328-1212, ext. 207.


We, the Democrats of the Great State of Utah, united in common purpose, acknowledge that we are a party of enduring strength, and that w e must lead, guided by those w e lead. These principles are essential to the democracy our country’s forefathers set forth.

We dedicate ourselves to seek individual freedom in the framework of a just society, and political freedom through meaningful participation by all citizens.

Bound by the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Utah, aware that a political party must be responsive to be worthy of responsibility, and recognizing that a party which asks for the people’s trust must prove that it trusts the people, w e pledge ourselves to open, honest ideals in the workings of this party, and to that end elect those Democrats to local, state and national office who will best represent and carry out those principles set forth herein.

And further, we pledge ourselves to enhance the understanding of the political process and of the Democratic Party among our members, and to sustain the human and constitutional rights of all persons.

A party which hopes to call for the best the Nation can achieve must embody the best of our common heritage and traditions. We therefore, establish this constitution by which these goals can be achieved.

CLICK HERE for the whole Constitution document in PDF and HERE for the Bylaws document in PDF.